Ramgarhia Sports Club

The Ramgarhia Sports Club (RSC) came into being around 1974 when certain members of the community with interests in sports and games agreed to offer their free time and experience to train and develop the younger members of the community in sports like hockey and karate.
Considerable interest was shown by the young generation and within a short time the coaching sessions and classes in sports ran to full capacity, and the need to deploy additional staff became necessary. Scheduling of the coaching sessions on a weekly basis was the only way available to contain the enthusiasm of the young participants, some of whom came from places as far away as Harrow, Greenford, Wembley, Hayes, Uxbridge, Hanwell, Ealing, Brentford and even Watford in Hertfordshire.

In the absence of adequate facilities, newer facilities to accommodate for the rising membership became e a paramount objective. As a consequence, various locations had to be found where indoor training and sports could be undertaken.
This brought its own problems for RSC’s management as Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton and Squash sporting events were added to the already oversubscribed and very popular interest in Hockey and Karate.

The hiring of halls and other sports complexes became a necessity and stretched our financial resources since hire charges were astronomically high, and regular block booking was not always feasible. Occasions had it that training sessions were disrupted and it also resulted in the Club losing some of its top players and sportsmen and women.
In spite of such difficulties, RSC’s management has zealously continued to build its blocks of success and also takes pride in the organisation and control of an annual sports tournament since 1979 where sportsmen and women avail the opportunity of competing in specific events like Badminton, Table Tennis, Karate, Hockey and Squash, and participation in these events to the U.K National Standard (See Sections Below).

RSC’s management believes that the community at large has greatly benefited from its services and has embarked upon a scheme whereby all the above sports activities could be provided for at one location and through the provision of Sporting and Social events, greater harmony and understanding can be fostered within the multi-racial constituencies around Southall.

With the difficulties encountered, the Ramgarhia Sabha’s Management decided to provide a single locational facility at the Old Rectory Site, Cranford.